Work That Counts is an impactful program that transformed the way our leadership team conducts our meetings. I was shocked and pleased to see the skills being put into place so rapidly after the workshop! Highly recommend this program!

Jeanne Tari, Head of Content and Development Strategy, Facebook

Work That Counts is the kind of workshop companies will want to sponsor, because it creates immediate value – people apply world class skills and insights to real projects – to immediately start getting better results.

Todd Pierce, formerly Executive Vice President of Operations and Mobility, Salesforce.com; formerly SVP and CIO, Genentech

Work That Counts addresses the ongoing cross-functional challenges all complex companies face. It is fresh, powerful, practical for all levels of management, and among the top-tier programs available.

Steve Umphreys, formerly SVP of HR for Salesforce.com and Zuora

I’m truly impressed with how Work That Counts has targeted the key skills needed by both managers and individual contributors in today’s business world. Leveraging Impact approaches cross-functional collaboration in a pragmatic, actionable way. It will clearly make a difference.

Judy Heyboer, formerly SVP of HR with Genentech/Roche 

I was able to directly apply the insights I learned during Work That Counts. It is very interactive and practical, and the framework is one I’m able to use daily in my work.

Christine Landon, Sr. Director Enterprise Growth and Development, eBay

The Work That Counts workshop was outstanding. I love the simplicity of the model and tips like the conversation starters.

Wendy Roberts, Director, Engineering Programs, PayPal

Thank you for your time and passion! Work That Counts was very insightful to the challenges that each of us face daily and the tips are invaluable.

Robert Jones, Sales Compensation and Performance Management Director, Facebook

Work That Counts has great case studies, which kept the participants engaged and were easy to relate with due to their practicality.

Angela Ibarra, Dir of Leadership Dev, Infinera

In Work That Counts we were able to not only connect and engage leaders across the spectrum of professional disciplines, but to align in agreement over bringing the insights and applications of the program to their own teams, as well as their leaders and execs.

Michael Shur, L&D Manager, AutomationAnywhere (formerly at IBM)

What participants of Work That Counts are saying

One of the best learning formats I’ve attended in 21 years in tech.

Very digestible and precise – right amount of time – definitely got some new nuggets of knowledge.

Simple but powerful.

Grounded yet fresh.

I expect it to improve my impact greatly.

It will help me be a better manager and a better team member.

Well thought out and engaging.

Thanks for the fabulous class.

Endorsements for Richard Lee

Richard Lee was incredibly engaging and masterful.

Pat Keating, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer, Stanford University; formerly global leadership, Cisco Systems

I worked with Richard at SGI and afterwards at various companies where I hired him to help me build large teams to implement very challenging projects on short schedules. He is one of the best team facilitators with whom I have worked. Under varying challenges of dysfunctional teams, he was able to help me reach my team transformation objectives in record time. His experience and knowledge of building trust and communication within your team is unsurpassed in my opinion.

Jim Cates, formerly CIO Altera, Brocade, Synopsys

Richard Lee is one of the most expert professionals that I know. He is solely dedicated to the success of his clients and freely donates his time and expertise. Richard has had an amazing impact for us in communications skills development. His efforts have benefited both my organization and myself personally.

John Castaldi, Crucial Conversations Project Head, Symantec

Richard is an outstanding instructor – his delivery of this material is motivating. It was especially rewarding to hear the accolades from my team colleagues after sponsoring this program.

Tom Carhart, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, HP

Richard Lee has deep knowledge and capability in helping complex organizations develop more empowered, aligned and collaborative cultures to produce ever better outcomes.

Todd Pierce, formerly Executive Vice President of Operations and Mobility, Salesforce.com; formerly SVP and CIO, Genentech

Our facilitator, Richard Lee, was outstanding and skillfully led our large (and at times, critical) group through the program. I’d recommend this highly to other Amgen managers and leaders.

Julie Clark, Director of Global Medical Writing, Amgen

Partnering with Richard these past years has been great. He is responsive to client needs, easy to work with, and flexible. His expertise of learning and development has resulted in highly effective learning solutions for our employees.

Don Kraft, Director of L&D, Genentech

Richard has provided invaluable consulting work to us in the area of leadership development strategy and program facilitation. I find Richard a pleasure to work with. He always operates with the best interests of his clients in mind.

David Crighton, formerly Director of L&D, AAA

I have worked closely with Richard off and on for several years. He has helped to develop custom training for my organization. I believe that he is one of the best communicators that I have ever met and a tremendous educator. Richard understands how to define mutual goals well and find solutions that are mutually beneficial. He can deliver difficult messages in a way that is direct and constructive. I regularly send my folks to his courses and recommend him to others. Richard is one of those outstanding people that you meet.

Devin Jones, Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy, Cisco Systems

Several people stopped by to say what a terrific facilitator you are. I couldn’t agree more.

Lisa McCaffery, Corporate Director of HR, Thoratec

Thank you for spending the day yesterday to create the draft Ninjaneering change plan. Thanks to Richard for his fabulous facilitation! We achieved our intended outcome.

Ed Kraay, Agile Coach and Internal Consultant, Yahoo

Thanks Richard. Excellent feedback from yesterday. Well received.

Chris Nardeccia, VP, IS Global Operations and Supply Chain, Amgen

Thanks again for the outstanding Influencer Workshop with our Organizational Effectiveness Community of Practice. Your deep mastery of the material really helped the group understand how to apply it in ways that were sophisticated and relevant.

Tina Rasmussen, Strategy and Culture Alignment, Kaiser Permanente

Richard Lee is a very talented and effective consultant and trainer that drives impactful business outcomes by aligning and building individual, team and organizational capability. He has in-depth expertise in Learning and Development, Executive Coaching and Facilitation. Richard is highly collaborative and insightful, always focused on the needs of the business and his clients.

Joan Cronin, formerly VP HR Applied Biosystems

Richard and I have partnered together to bring Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and Influencer to Sun Microsystems. Richard’s in-depth experience in both the learning field and the high-tech industry has been instrumental in implementing the Vital Smarts training programs in our fast-paced technical environment.

Denise Wolf, formerly Sun, now Leadership Development, SAP

Richard ensures learning and organizational solutions create powerful and lasting business impact. High energy, innovative, insightful yet practical. Richard is an outstanding facilitator.

Steve Umphreys, SVP of HR, Zuora; formerly SVP of HR, Salesforce.com