From the People who brought VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations to Bay Area based Companies.

A Framework for Cross‑functional Success

“The concepts and message in Work That Counts are spot on! Richard nails what is required to drive healthy change and performance in organizations of all sizes.”

JOHN DONAHOE, CEO of Nike; former CEO of eBay, Bain & Company, and ServiceNow

Based on working with many of the world’s best innovation companies over decades, we have not only made serious contributions to their success, but we have learned critical insights sitting next to many of their leaders.

With a behind-the-scenes vantage point – through leading hundreds and hundreds of management offsites, providing in-depth exec coaching, and having brought Crucial Conversations to Bay Area companies – we’ve built a framework for collaborative leadership and cross-functional success, represented in our highly-acclaimed book, Work That Counts – Breaking Down the Barriers for Extraordinary Results.

Founded in 1994 as Richard J. Lee Consulting, we are now known as Leveraging Impact LLC to better reflect our passion for strengthening individual and organizational impact, especially in and across teams.

Our services include:

  • Scalable Training Programs: Our online, self-paced program, Work That Counts – In and Across Teams™, can be taken as a stand-alone (2.5 hrs), or with a cohort of participants, ‘bookended’ with a live virtual or in-person session along with ‘mini-learning groups’ to drive behavioral change and lasting impact (an hour a week for 5 weeks), or a one day in-person event. Great to integrate into your offsites!
  • Coaching and Consulting: We work at the highest levels to help sort out how to deal with people and organizational issues that are most perplexing. This includes exec coaching, helping prepare for the most challenging conversations, and as thought partners – all directed at achieving your vision.
  • Board/CEO Interface Offsites: We focus on strengthening the Board’s interface with their CEOs and exec teams, with interviews culminating in a one day offsite. After determining the scope with the Board Chair and the CEO, I interview the board members and a few other key players, and construct an agenda for the day dealing with their unique issues. These typically include themes around working together more effectively as a team, clarifying key interface issues, and helping facilitate one or two strategic decisions to ensure real alignment and commitment going forward.

Work That Counts – In and Across Teams

This highly interactive and fast-paced program provides the framework and skills to increase impact working in and across teams. These three mindsets, when optimally applied together, can drive inordinately greater impact and results:

Empowered Relationships
The fuel to take action and drive decisions

Align to do the Right Thing
Choosing to do the right thing for the broader team

Collaborate Across Teams
Partnering in and across teams to achieve goals

Work That Counts was developed using insights gained from decades of working with the best global innovation companies. This fresh program focuses on how to accelerate and strengthen the impact of professionals and all levels of management in today’s complex organizations. Or contact us to discuss your situation and the ‘bookended’ approach discussed above for your team.”

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Work That Counts – In and Across Teams™, the training program, is now available in a condensed, self-paced, 2 ½ hour version. Engaging and interactive.

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