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Richard J. Lee

CEO and Author

Richard Lee is well known in the California Bay Area and Silicon Valley for his depth and expertise in leadership development and building organizational capacity to scale and grow.  As CEO and Author of Richard J. Lee Consulting, LLC, since 1994, he has worked with over 200 tech companies, including many of the world’s best.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Intel and Cisco along with BioTech giants such as Amgen and Genentech, and healthcare with Kaiser Permanente.

Richard is the author of the upcoming book Work That Counts and designer of Work That Counts – In and Across Teams a fresh new program designed for participants to make a bigger difference in complex organizations. Prior to launching Work That Counts he led hundreds of exec offsites, provided extensive and deep executive consulting, designed and implemented enterprise-wide leadership and culture shaping programs, and built a business around VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations, which he sold back to VitalSmarts in 2015.  He was one of VitalSmarts first Master Trainers in their suite of programs, and one of only six Senior Master Trainers in the world.

Richard has worked in most of the developed countries in the UK and Europe, Asia and Australia, with many of the senior management teams based in those locations for Silicon Valley companies.  Richard headed up global Management and Organizational Effectiveness for Advanced Micro Devices, 3Com and Silicon Graphics (SGI) along with Bellin Hospital prior to founding his firm. Richard earned his B.S. in Human Development and a Masters in Management & Organizational Behavior from the University of Wisconsin.